Website design, data consistency, and how analysis is hampered

One of my goals for this season is to expand the scope of my analysis efforts. For the last few seasons I’ve been able to capture not just Columbus data, but all of MLS. For 2016, my hope has been to expand that further and capture leagues like the NASL and USL. These efforts have… Continue reading Website design, data consistency, and how analysis is hampered

The bounds of creativity

  Sometimes, creativity needs to be bounded. This is a lesson I’ve been learning (or perhaps re-learning) lately, and can be seen specfically in the display of players on this site. When MRData launched, and through even today, the list of all time players has been rendered using a platform based on Isotope – which… Continue reading The bounds of creativity

Visualizing minutes played by player age

How do team rosters change over time? Do players of a certain age tend to play more or less often? These are some of the questions I’ve pondered over the years. And they are the subject of a brief experiment I’ve worked on the last few days.

Exploring Relationships Between Players and Games

Team rosters evolve over time. Between seasons there can be significant turnover, but on occasion a team will also undergo dramatic changes during the course of a season. For teams with a large roster, more subtle variations can emerge: squad rotations, and players who appear in one competition but not another.