Looking At Player Sizes

A week or so ago a friend of mine posted this chart of NHL player sizes, and it struck a chord with me. So, I tweaked it a bit, and turned it into an interactive tool showing MLS players.

FireShot Screen Capture #007 - 'Massive Report } Data } Roster Visualizer' - www_massivereportdata_com_visualize_rosterClicking the image above will show you the Crew’s roster at full scale, while the complete tool can be found here. More information about this can be found after the jump.

In my version of the tool, players are plotted according to four data points:

  • Height (vertical axis)
  • Weight (horizontal axis)
  • Position (color)
  • Playing Time (size)

(All data was taken from the league website)

This is a slight change from the original, which uses size to depict player age. I thought playing time made a bit more sense than age, as a way of looking at how teams are choosing to utilize the roster that they’ve assembled. Another possible data point that could be interesting to explore would be player salaries.

One potential addition to this chart would be to depict averages or quintiles of player height/weight. Particularly if the same summary information can be supplied for the total player population, it might be helpful in comparing different rosters.

Assorted Notes

Some specific observations about this data:

  • The tallest player in the league is the Crew’s Adam Bedell, at 6′-7″. The shortest is Salt Lake’s Joao Plata at 5′-2″.
  • Plata is the lightest player in the league, followed closely by Dallas’ Mauro Diaz. The heaviest also plays for FC Dallas, goalkeeper Chris Seitz.
  • Chivas’ midfield is one of the shortest in the league, with the four most-active players all under 5′-9″.
  • Salt Lake and San Jose are among the league’s lightest teams, with no player weighing more than 190 lb. Dallas is also in the mix, with only Seitz weighing more than 185 lb.


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