Expansion Draft Outcomes

I recently shared on Twitter an updated visualization that summarizes the outcome of all the expansion drafts in MLS history. Particularly now that the league has 20+ years of history, and has more than doubled in size since its inception, it seems worth preserving the history of events like the expansion draft.
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About player combinations

The question of player combinations has fascinated me for some time. The topic is predicated on the belief that a team is, more than anything else, the aggregation of its players. Coaches have an impact, but it is the players on the field. More than individual players, even, I have been looking for ways to understand the results of player combinations.

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Looking At Player Sizes

A week or so ago a friend of mine posted this chart of NHL player sizes, and it struck a chord with me. So, I tweaked it a bit, and turned it into an interactive tool showing MLS players.

FireShot Screen Capture #007 - 'Massive Report } Data } Roster Visualizer' - www_massivereportdata_com_visualize_rosterClicking the image above will show you the Crew’s roster at full scale, while the complete tool can be found here. More information about this can be found after the jump.

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Exploring Relationships Between Players and Games

Player-Game graph for 1996 Crew season, highlighting Brad FriedelTeam rosters evolve over time. Between seasons there can be significant turnover, but on occasion a team will also undergo dramatic changes during the course of a season. For teams with a large roster, more subtle variations can emerge: squad rotations, and players who appear in one competition but not another.

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