Setting the structure of Project Trapp

A few weeks ago I discussed the coding project which I’ve set myself for this offseason – to rebuild as much of my data processing infrastructure as possible. At the time the MLS postseason was still grinding along, however, so I was focused mostly on that rollercoaster.

Now, with MLS Cup complete and the offseason underway – and having had a few days to recover from the emotional turmoil of those first few minutes – my work can begin in earnest.

Let’s talk about Project Trapp

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How I plan to spend the offseason

This year’s American soccer season isn’t scheduled to end for a few weeks yet*, but my preparations for the off season have already started. Usually, the months between MLS Cup and the beginning of training camp are spent doing player scouting and filling in gaps in my data set. This year, however, I have something more ambitious planned.

I’m hoping to re-write my toolset in Python.

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